Aluminum Foil Square Gas Stove Burner Covers – Pack of 100 – Disposable Bib Liners for Kitchen Gas Range Top – Keep Your Gas Range Clean with DCS Deals Drip Pans – 8.5 x 8.5 x .5” Inch


✅ NO MORE SCRUBBING YOUR STOVETOP – Have you ever accidentally let your pot boil over and spill onto your stove? Or perhaps you hate all those greasy drips and splashes when frying food? These innovative aluminum burner covers will keep your stove clean without the need to scrub off those pieces of stuck on food every time you cook! ✅ FITS ONTO MOST GAS RANGES – The 8.5″ x 8.5″ Foil Bib and the 3.66-inch hole should fit over most gas burners. If the hole seems too small for larger gas ranges, simply take a pair of scissors and cut the hole bigger to fit over your gas. These gas top covers are made to withstand the extremely high temperatures of your gas range stovetop. ✅ AVOID HARSH SPRAY CLEANERS – Even if you don’t use them often, harsh chemicals can be dangerous for your health. These heavy-duty foil gas covers will save you breathing in or touching any toxic chemicals. If you think your foil gas drip pan is too dirty, simply throw it out and replace with a new one. ✅ ADD A SLEEK AND MODERN TOUCH TO YOUR KITCHEN – Not only will these bib liners protect your stovetop from dirt, spills, sticky sauce and wear and tear, they will also create a nice modern look in your kitchen. The polished silver oven top liner will certainly upgrade your kitchen, without costing a ton of money. ✅ 100% RECYCLABLE, ODORLESS – This foil burner drip pans are made with top grade heavy duty foil. These heavy duty durable stovetop protectors are nontoxic, 100% recyclable, odorless and approved. The square burner pan comes in a pack of 100 which will last for many weeks.



No more scraping, no more cleaning, no more scrubbing! Simply use a foil gas burner cover and you’re good to go!We’ve all been there, trying to scrape off all that grease and grime from multiple culinary experiments.It takes forever to get your gas range looking like new.Place these gas bib liners around each burner.They will catch all the drips, splashes and spills from your cooking!If they start looking a bit gross, just take it off the stove top and throw in the garbage or recycling can.Pull out a shiny new liner to protect your gas range surface.General Features of the Disposable Bib Liners:🔆 Keeps your stove clean at all times – Never worry about pots boiling over, or splashes of oil from frying foods, the liner will catch it all.🔆 Prevents Scratches on Your Stove Top – The foil burner liners will stop you from scraping off food with utensils that can scratch up or damage the surface of your stove.🔆 Adds a Modern Touch – The sleek silver aluminum liners will add an extra touch of class to your kitchen.🔆 High Grade Aluminum – These drip protectors are made of top grade aluminum.Which is nontoxic, odorless and can withstand extremely high temperatures.🔆 Universal Size 8.5 “ x 8.5” – These should fit on almost all gas burners. Opening hole is 3.66 inches.🔆 Customizable Size – You can cut the opening bigger with a pair of scissors,if needed. You can also trim the burner cover from the edges.🔆 Bundle Pack of 100 liners will last for weeks at a time.No More Harsh Chemicals!Protect yourself from breathing in or touching any of those toxic commercial chemicals that many people use in their homes.They are especially bad for people with young children or elderly around their home.Keep your kitchen spotless and shining with a gas burner liner to catch all the unexpected, yet inevitable mess in your kitchen!


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