AS-SEEN-ON-TV, Copper Bullet 100 Ft Expandable Garden Hose, Lead-Free


Type Expanding Hose
Color Black
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Item Length 100 ft
Item Weight 1.85 lb


The #1 expanding hose in the world just got better with 4 incredible innovations! One: the brand-new  Copper Bullet is the first and only  infused with REAL copper! Just like the copper plumbing inside your walls, this lightweight Copper Bullet helps keep your water outside lead-free! Two: we’ve increased the size of our connectors so they’re 20% larger! This makes it easier to screw onto your faucet and easier to hold. Three: our fabric is now 3 times stronger! Four: our inner tube is made with three layers of thick latex, making this truly the strongest  ever made! Just turn on the water and watch Copper Bullet go — in just a few seconds, it grows to a full-size ¾-inch power hose! And when you need to get water to a hard-to-reach place, don’t struggle with a heavy hose — keep it lightweight with. Turn the water off and the Copper Bullet squeezes itself dry as it puts itself away. The Copper Bullet never kinks, knots, or tangles.

Expands to 100 feet automatically when connected to the faucet.,3 times stronger outer sleeve than other .,Super tough triple-layer latex inner tube. Extra-strength, triple polymer connector protectors.,Extra-large inch diameter. Robust faucet connector.,Robust faucet connector.,Copper anodized aluminum connectors.,Lead-Free and drinking water-safe connectors and inner tube.,REMOVABLE Turbo Shot multi-pattern spray nozzle included.,Works with ANY spray nozzle.,US patents: 10,890,278, 10,174,870, 9,841,127, 9,581,272, 9,279,525, 8,757,213, 8,479,776, 8,291,942, 8,291,941, D835,244, D834,688, D834,154, D833,586, D833,585, D832,984, D760,363, D731,032, D719,244, D723,669, D722,681, D748,764, D748,763, D


Assembled Product Weight

1.85 lb

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

6.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 Inches



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