MOSKILA Electronic, Bug Zaper Indoor, Fruit Fly Killer with Blue Light (6 Packs)


  • Advanced & powerful: the latest version 2020 to make your living space out of annoying insects and bugs effectively. with high-intensity light, this outdoor fly killer can attract and remove all kinds of flying insects or ants
  • No harmful chemical to human and pets: without any sticky, messy substances or sprays, this natural physical outdoor fly zapper and bug zapper indoor is entirely safe to human and pets. its protective cover makes this bug safe for your kids and pets
  • Simple steps of installation and elegant design: plug the fly killer light in the port before it will immediately help you remove flies. this fly killer electronic is also easy to replace and looks extremely elegant and minimal in your places
  • Effortless to clean: you can easily get rid of dead insects and bugs for cleaning with a tissue or a small brush. unplug the device from the electrical outlet, then use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate for static electricity release
  • Customer satisfying policy: with the mission of bringing 100% satisfaction from customers, we provide a one-month guaranteed policy for each order. if you have any questions about the insect trap, feel free to contact us. we are willing to give you a refund or a replacement


Item #: 1013

This is the latest and most effective flying insect indoor and outdoor bug zapper on the market right now. Its coverage is about 16 square meters, which easily attract and kill flies and mosquitoes.

This ultraviolet fly killer will keep annoying insects at bay without any poisonous chemical and bad smell. No worries when you have kids and pets in your home thanks to its protective cover. Then, the outdoor mosquito killer does not release any bad smell or dangerous fumes.

This electronic fly killer and UV insect killer is an energy-saving product with the light-weight design, and it works best in the darkness, so make sure to minimize strong lights when you use fruit fly traps indoor. The electronic insect killer runs smoothly and noiselessly by simply plugging it into an AC outlet.


– Please turn off the light at night for about 10-20 minutes to make it run more effectively.

– It is recommended to use it continuously 24 hours to get most of the outdoor insect killer.

– Avoid frequently turning on and off it to lengthen the life of its lamp.

– Clean regularly to strengthen the effect of the bug zapper, and make sure you turn off and unplug it before doing that.

– Use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate and clean the bug zapper outdoor with a brush or a soft cloth.

– Release static electricity to not get electric shock!


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