Vita-Mix 015990 Blade Assembly




Product description

The Vita-Mix 015990 Blade Assembly is approved by the original manufacturer for use with their 36019, BarBoss Advance, Blend Station Advance In-Counter, Blend Station Advance On-Counter, Drink Machine Advance, Quiet One 100V In-Counter, Quiet One 100V On-Counter, Quiet One 120V In-Counter, Quiet One 120V On-Counter, Quiet One 200-240V In-Counter, Quiet One 220-240V On-Counter and, VM0145 models. The stainless steel blade is wider than other blades to improve blending. The double sealed design and twin bearing improve performance and allow for a longer blade life. The blade assembly measures 5-Inches by 5-Inches by 9-Inches. Part is intended for original use only. OEM approved for safety and reliability. Vitamix knows your equipment has to work perfectly the first time, every time because each plate that leaves your kitchen and every drink you pour has your name on it. And when your reputation is on the line, you need the very best working right there beside you. That’s why Vitamix designs and builds every component for outstanding performance and unsurpassed durability.


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